Looking for a Home

The dogs listed below are only a selection available from Basset Hound Welfare; if you feel you could give a home to a rescued Basset, please contact your nearest area representative in the first instance.


Wilma – is a 9 year old, female Basset Hound with attitude!  Although adopted from Basset Hound Welfare by her current owner just three years ago, because of her owner’s unforeseen family health problems, Wilma now urgently needs a new home.  She has always been a grumpy dog but has never bitten; she tolerates other dogs but can be bossy.  Amongst Wilma’s dislikes are:  men, smokers, noisy people & children.  Oh! – and she hates cats!

For more details, or if you feel you can offer Wilma a home, call our Somerset rep, Becky on 01803 782898