Rescuing, Re-homing and Caring for Basset Hounds for 25 years

Basset Hound Rescue and Welfare is an independent rescue and re-homing charity for all Basset Hounds. We were the first breed-specific rescue group to achieve charity status in 1997 and are the only breed-specific rescue group that is recognised by the Kennel Club, the Basset Hound Club and the Regional Clubs. We are now in our 26th year of rescuing and re-homing Basset Hounds.

Since our inception we have re-homed over 3000 Basset Hounds. All Basset Hounds we re-home have a full veterinary check, we ensure vaccinations are up-to-date, and Hounds are also neutered or spayed at our cost.

We have a nationwide team of experienced representatives who will give advice to those wishing to re-home a Basset Hound and also to those who would give a Basset Hound a home. We do home checks to ensure that Hounds only go to suitable homes and follow ups to ensure that both the Basset Hound and owner are suited.

At times we have Basset Hounds that need a foster home and if you could help with this, or in any other way, please contact any of our representatives.

Bailey & Lucas

Welfare is continually looking for foster homes for elderly but fit hounds whose owners may not be able to keep them due, possibly, to their own ill health. Is there a spare place by your fireside?

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Basset Hound Rescue & Welfare is an independent rescue and welfare charity for all Basset Hounds and is entirely dependent on donations.
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