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George Needs a New Home

George is a handsome 2 year old, male Basset Hound.                              He’s good with other dogs, walks nicely on lead and is very loving when you get to know him. Like all Bassets, he loves food so responds to training – he knows to wait at doorways and some simple commands.

HOWEVER:  He is strong-willed and convinced he’s in charge of the household! He’s a thief and nothing is safe – he helps with the washing and runs off with items, but a treat usually gets them back. Bathing causes confrontation and he dislikes being dried. He needs to be muzzled to clip his claws and hates his tail being touched.

His vaccinations are up-to-date and he’s been treated for worms & fleas. He has been chemically castrated in an attempt to assess whether surgical neutering will change his mixed behaviour for the better – sometimes neutering works, but any improvement is not guaranteed.

George could be a great companion but he needs a very experienced and determined new owner to address his issues and get the best from him. If you feel you are that person, contact Sylvie, our Oxford rep for more information.

Sylvie – 07585-699908

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