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Lily Basset

My name is Lil and I am a 2½ year old, tri-colour Lady Basset and as with all Bassets consider myself quite beautiful! I was introduced to my new household slaves via Bernard & Lesley, Basset Hound Welfare reps in Yorkshire. My previous owners had taken me to a pub and gave me away because they didn’t want me anymore. A kind lady took me to Basset Hound Welfare and Sue & Tony (my new slaves) were looking for Basset number 13 to replace their last pal – devils for punishment. Some people never learn.

I soon settled in my new home and as they had been owned by Bassets for 53 years I had to get my thinking cap on to find new ways to confound them. My predecessors had put them wise to all the usual tricks but I’ve had great fun testing which might work and finding new ones. I get nice walks through fields near where we live and I’m having great fun hiding in the crops which are now so high I can get lost. I have a couple of Labrador pals and we have fun playing hide and seek and in good Basset tradition I go deaf until everyone gets worried, then popping out looking really innocent. I will be glad when this social distancing ends so I can be admired by lots more people (it’s what Bassets are made for after all).

It’s now time to raid my toy box and torment one of my slaves to play tug. Sue says she’s stitched my zoo together so many times she’s running out of cotton. I just love removing tails and limbs to find out just how much stuffing one soft toy contains(!) and rearranging it all over the floor. It’s then time for my party piece. I’ve developed the knack of dissolving into a pool of jelly so Sue has to roll me off my bed so she can move it. I thought I’d beaten them, only to hear “Rupert” (pal no 9) used to be the world’s expert as he used to stretch to twice his length as well – so thinking cap on again!

Sweet dreams; love, Lil Basset.

P.S. My bed goes in “their room” at night so I take great delight in snoring very loudly, that will teach them…

Many thanks to Sue & Tony White for this story          

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