Bella’s Story

This is Bella, a rather sad looking, ten year old hound.

She was surrendered to us as a result of the owner’s son and his family moving in with his parents.  Information given at the handover meeting was sparse and we had the impression that this was not an amicable agreement and Bella was the loser.

She looked rather neglected with a skin problem and badly in need of grooming. We met on a garage forecourt and left so much hair that we felt obliged to buy something from the shop!

She didn’t have any other health problems and her temperament was fine, a very affable sort of hound although a little frightened.  We soon gained her confidence and looked for another home for her.  This was soon found with someone who has been known to the Charity for some time and is on our list of contacts.

The relationship would be one-to-one and the new owner was experienced in the breed, so it wasn’t long before Bella was looking very much better and behaving in the manner which we expect of a Basset.

TLC and security are often the only treatment they need.