Annie’s Story

Annie came into the charity because her owner was suffering from a terminal illness. The owner’s son asked us to home two hounds of his mother’s, Annie and Polly, although he knew very little about them – not even which was which! Fortunately, he had a brief vet record for Polly which contained her microchip number, so we were at least able to sort that.

Annie was taken to the vet for examination and found to have a long-standing hernia which needed immediate attention and the vet offered to neuter her at the same time. Before the operation we found two red marks on her tongue and it was agreed that a biopsy would be taken under the anaesthetic. She recovered well from the surgery and the vet said that there was evidence of at least two caesarean procedures. It was thought that she was only six years old at this time.

The biopsy eventually diagnosed her with a disease that cannot be contracted in the UK, being the result of a bite by a Sandfly, which can only live in warmer climates. Little was known of the disease and the vet treating her did a lot of research. The treatment was quite intensive and an import licence had to be obtained for one of the drugs. She had regular blood and urine tests and was eventually declared clear. During this time she was in foster care, with the charity dealing with her treatment. After the ‘all clear’ she was adopted and is one of the sweetest natured and happy hounds you could meet, although the disease, like malaria in humans, can recur.