Ripley’s Story

This handsome character is Ripley who was nine months old His previous owner had only had him for a week, having bought him on the internet and then found, when he got him home that his wife was allergic to him. This unfortunately happens sometimes and Bassets are not a good breed for anyone with an allergy to dogs, having short fine coats which they constantly cast.

When he came into Welfare Ripley was difficult to relate to as he was obviously quite badly traumatized by events. He was very lethargic and not responsive but there were no signs of any illness or condition other than stress to cause this.

He needed to be in a calm settled environment as soon as possible and luck turned out to be on our side as a young couple approached us having just lost their Basset. Ripley was not neutered so they signed an undertaking to have this done. It was more important to get Ripley in a home and this could be done when he had settled. All turned out well.