Charley’s Story

This is Charley, who hasn’t always been Charley. She was rehomed some years ago by the north west  BHW representatives who live in ChOrley. The new owner didn’t like the name she had so christened her ChArley (Chorley in some dialects is pronounced Charley).

Sadly, Charley’s owner died and she was returned to the Charity, now aged ten and with one eye!  Rehoming her wasn’t going to be as easy the second time around.

We didn’t despair and found someone who was prepared to take on such an old hound with some issues, although her temperament was extremely good. However he was a considerable distance from Chorley and there were Covid19 restrictions.

We overcame these problems and met part way to hand Charley over to her new doting owner.

The Charity is helping the new owner with Charley’s veterinary treatment and she has settled in perfectly to become something of a local celebrity. She is of course still Charley.