William’s Story

This little chap is William, aka Sweet William or Just William. He came to us at the age of eight weeks, after his breeder couldn’t place him because of Covid19 lockdown.

He had a curly tail, was blind in one eye and had charm in abundance. He was referred by the Charity to a veterinary eye hospital who couldn’t operate on his eye immediately because of his age and his other eye was too small for the equipment needed to examine it. He would therefore need to be cared for by our representatives until he could be treated and during the lockdown restrictions at the time.

He was found to be a very well-behaved puppy, less boisterous than others of his age and not obviously handicapped by his lack of vision. He was a “drama  queen” when reprimanded by the resident Bassets, squealing like a little piglet – he was a perfect lockdown diversion!

He recovered well from the removal of his blind eye, the cause of his blindness was thought to have been a trauma as the retina was detached. His other eye was declared healthy and we parted with him for the new owners to enjoy the rest of his puppyhood.